Sg Medical

Manufacturing Capabilities


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SG Medical supports its customers from prototype builds to mass production, providing flexible manufacturing capabilities.
We have developed tools and techniques which have been proven on numerous projects to help ensure a smooth transition from the development phase into industrialization.

We offer pilot production to support our customers’ design verification and validation, clinical trials, promotional units and other specific needs.
If you do not require the full manufacturing line, you will still receive full build control and product traceability that can be used efficiently and effectively for regulatory submission.
We ensure that your device meets global standards and obtains its subsequent approval for use.

In order to successfully scale up to high-volume manufacturing, SG Medical provides a full range of services including specifications of fixtures and equipments, operators’ recruitments and trainings, line balancing, process & method improvements, inspection standardizations, use of meaningful KPI metrics on-line, focus on yield and throughput.
With our ISO 7/8 cleanrooms as well as the multi-shift production, we are capable to handle mass volume production.