Sg Medical

Complex Catheters

« Building custom highly engineered catheters is at the forefront of everything we do »

SG Medical has the ability to build multiple Complex Catheters with optical or electrical sensors, integrated in 6/8 French sizes. Specific sensors and components can be customized as per requests.

Customized Per Specific Inputs

SG Medical is a dynamic company that will ensure quick responses to its customers’ demands.
SG Medical customers are amongst the most innovative start-ups requiring high levels of expertise and reactivity.
Specific sensors and components can be tailored to the customer’s requests.
We can design, test and build the first porotypes for evaluation.

Mechanical Catheters

Steerable catheters

SG Medical manufactures steerable catheters for cardiovascular access, RF ablation, transapical access, electrophysiology, interventional cardiology devices and other applications.
Our steerable catheters can be unidirectional, bi-directional (asymmetrical).
Curvature radius and symmetry are designed as per our customer’s requests.
Different pullwires and crimping processes are used to ensure the steering’s robustness.

Custom Shaft design

Customized shafts are developed to fulfil customer’s User Requirements Specifications (URS).
Coiling and braiding are included in the catheter shaft.
With different sizes (from 0.75 to 32 Fr) and internal design (mono / multi) lumen, we are able to find the right solution for the clinical application.
SG Medical uses different grade materials (Pebax, Grilamid, PTFE) to ensure the catheters’ robustness and correct deflection.

Handle design and assembly

SG Medical can build and design specific mono / bi-directional handles with different materials. These can be machined, molded or 3D printed. In addition to crimping pullwire we can also integrate chips, wires and tubing.


We are able to find solutions with the correct tubing suited for different pressure among the catheter irrigation line.
From the proximal side (Irrigation Luer) to the extreme distal side (Distal tip) we can design the full line with different materials and sizes that meet ISO 10555 specifications.

SG Medical - Sensor Integrated Catheters

Sensor Integrated Catheters

SG Medical - Sensor Integrated Catheters

SG Medical has a rich expertise in sensor integrated catheters using optical fibers.
From development to manufacturing, we design the process which combines multiple high precision and complex operations in one single medical device - going from micro components to nano displacement positioning. SG Medical can also facilitate the integration of new technologies including electrodes, electrical sensors, optical sensors, thermocouples and irrigation.

Electrical & Optical Connectorizations

SG Medical has a great experience in building connectors, soldering the tinniest electrical wires on the market (<100 microns wires and Thermocouples).
Soldering on PCB, chips is within our large set of expertise.

SG Medical has a long experience with fiber optics (Monomode/Multimode) connectorization (LC/APC). Micro assembling less than 100 microns fibers, gluing, polishing and angle controls are some of SG Medical lab expertise.