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Design for Manufacturing

« We will take your ambitious concept and deliver a manufacturable device »

SG Medical experts use a diligent design process to identify critical characteristics, simplify designs and optimize production processes while staying aligned with your business goals.
Our experts are an extension of your development team, providing Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guidance.

SG Medical works in partnership with customers to enter the early phase of the project in order to get a full view. The earlier we are involved the better.

SG Medical helps customers tailor the design in order to reduce the redesign steps when it needs to be compliant with a high volume of manufacturing. Manufacturing processes can be adjusted to evolve over time.

SG Medical integrates yield in the early phase of the design in order to prevent any risks on the manufacturing transfer. Robustness of the process is a key point.
The selection of the right material and designing the optimal components are essential for the future manufacturing yield.

SG Medical advises customers on cost improvements.
A cost saving project plan can be put in place at design level (material change, design refinement, process development).

Early involvement in design prototyping
Manufacturing scale up integration
Yield target integration
Cost savings projects