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Design Services

Design & Development

« We will take your project from an idea to a finished product »

SG Medical offers a complete range of development services for the creation of your medical device. We specialize in catheter design, development and prototyping: We can turn your idea or device concept into a prototype then transfer it to pilot line and finally manage its mass production.

Design solutions

We provide design and engineering solutions from early stages to finished devices’ phase that meet rigorous quality requirements.

Our highly skilled, in-house technical team works closely with you to define every aspect of your concept, including:

  • Requirements’ Specification: definition and refinement
  • CAD, Simulation
  • Material selection
  • Process definition (including equipment selection)
  • Planification (Design Validation Master Plan VMP)
  • Risk Analysis (dFMEA)
  • Guaranteed full traceability of design builds
  • Patent search in collaboration with Swiss institutional partners
  • Documentation compliance (DHF)


SG Medical provides proof-of-concept, rapid prototypes and process refinement for your new product.
Our aim is to improve effectiveness when it comes to medical device prototyping, saving you time and costs by minimizing design revisions and lead times.
We offer customized prototyping and product development services in an ISO 8 environment:

  • Comprehensive services from early-stage to final design
  • Catheter manufacturing pilot line (Reflow, Assembly, Soldering, Fusing)
  • Sensor integration: chips, fiber sensors and others
  • Packaging and Labelling
  • ISO 8 cleanrooms environment for prototypes manufacturing
SG Medical

Product Development

SG Medical can both recommend and develop the most suitable process for our customers’ products or take over the validated process currently used by the customer.